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Why am I Running for Mayor?

I like to keep things short and to-the-point.

1) I don’t believe in “Top Down” government. Oakdale residents should be telling City Hall what they want their city to look like, not the other way around.

During my time on the City Council, I have made it my top priority to sit down with any resident, at any time, to discuss any topic on your mind.

2) Our city would benefit from a fresh face in leadership- one committed to upholding the values of Oakdale but willing to put in the extra time and effort to make that happen. If that means knocking on doors to inform residents about important changes to their community, I’m in!

3) Young people need to know that future of Oakdale depends on how involved we choose to be. No more sitting on the sidelines. Age is not an excuse as to why someone shouldn’t be involved in our city.


Prep for Oakdale’s Future

Oakdale has a bright future ahead -- whether it is private-property redevelopment, new businesses coming in, or enhancing city services.

To tackle some of our city's biggest challenges ahead, we need to be willing to "think outside the box." I firmly believe that a fresh perspective in our city's leadership is how we take Oakdale into the future.

City Spending

Oakdale has a long tradition of restrained spending and financial stability. Over the next few years, we will be facing some large infrastructure projects (Police Department Expansion, Public Works Campus rehab, Highway 36/Hadley Avenue overpass), and we need to be sure that every dollar being spent is giving residents the biggest return on it.


Public Safety

Public Safety has to be Job #1 for any successful city, but it needs to extend beyond enforcement of the laws and work towards crime prevention at its onset. Strong community involvement programs have proven to be an effective way to lower crime rates and boost civic engagement.